List of New Hampshire governors from first to last

New Hampshire joined the Union on June 21, 1788, as the ninth state to ratify the United States Constitution. This act followed shortly after the Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787, and required nine out of the thirteen original colonies to ratify it in order to become effective. New Hampshire’s ratification played a crucial role in the establishment of the United States as it brought into effect the Constitution, marking the beginning of the new federal government.

Meshech Weare became the first governor of the state of New Hampshire. Note that this position was previously known as president of New Hampshire.

Here is a chronological list of the governors of New Hampshire from first to last.

NameTime in OfficeParty
Meshech Weare1776 – 1785
John Sullivan1789 – 1790, 1786 – 1788Federalist
Josiah Bartlett1790 – 1794Democratic-Republican
John Taylor Gilman1794 – 1805Federalist
John Langdon1805 – 1809, 1788 – 1789, 1785 – 1786Democratic-Republican
Jeremiah Smith1809 – 1810Federalist
William Plumer1812 – 1813Democratic-Republican
Samuel Bell1819 – 1823Democratic-Republican
Levi Woodbury1823 – 1824Democratic-Republican
David Lawrence Morril1824 – 1827Democratic-Republican
Benjamin Pierce1827 – 1828Democratic-Republican
John Bell1828 – 1829National Republican
Matthew Harvey1830 – 1831Democratic
Joseph Morrill Harper1831 – 1831Democratic
Samuel Dinsmoor1831 – 1834Democratic
William Badger1834 – 1836Democratic
Isaac Hill1836 – 1839Democratic
John Page1839 – 1842Democratic
Henry Hubbard1842 – 1844Democratic
John Hardy Steele1844 – 1846Democratic
Anthony Colby1846 – 1847Whig
Jared Warner Williams1847 – 1849Democratic
Samuel Dinsmoor Jr.1849 – 1852Democratic
Noah Martin1852 – 1854Democratic
Nathaniel Bradley Baker1854 – 1855Democratic
Ralph Metcalf1855 – 1857Know-Nothing
William Haile1857 – 1859Republican
Icabod Goodwin1859 – 1861Republican
Nathaniel Springer Berry1861 – 1863
Joseph Albree Gilmore1863 – 1865Republican
Frederick Smyth1865 – 1867Republican
Walter Harriman1867 – 1869Republican
Onslow Stearns1869 – 1871Republican
Ezekiel Albert Straw1872 – 1874Republican
James Adams Weston1874 – 1875, 1871 – 1872Democratic
Person Colby Cheney1875 – 1877Republican
Benjamin Franklin Prescott1877 – 1879Republican
Nathaniel Head1879 – 1881Republican
Charles Henry Bell1881 – 1883Republican
Samuel Whitney Hale1883 – 1885Republican
Moody Currier1885 – 1887Republican
Charles Henry Sawyer1887 – 1889Republican
David Harvey Goodell1889 – 1891Republican
Hiram Americus Tuttle1891 – 1893Republican
John Butler Smith1893 – 1895Republican
Charles Albert Busiel1895 – 1897Republican
George Ramsdell1897 – 1899Republican
Frank West Rollins1899 – 1901Republican
Chester Bradley Jordan1901 – 1903Republican
Nahum Josiah Bachelder1903 – 1905Republican
John McLane1905 – 1907Republican
Charles Miller Floyd1907 – 1909Republican
Henry Brewer Quinby1909 – 1911Republican
Robert Perkins Bass1911 – 1913Republican
Samuel Demeritt Felker1913 – 1915Democratic
Rolland Harty Spaulding1915 – 1917Republican
Henry Wilder Keyes1917 – 1919Republican
John Henry Bartlett1919 – 1921Republican
Albert Oscar Brown1921 – 1923Republican
Fred Herbert Brown1923 – 1925Democratic
Huntley Nowell Spaulding1927 – 1929Republican
Charles William Tobey1929 – 1931Republican
John Gilbert Winant1931 – 1935, 1925 – 1927Republican
Henry Styles Bridges1935 – 1937Republican
Francis Parnell Murphy1937 – 1941Republican
Robert Oscar Blood1941 – 1945Republican
Charles Milby Dale1945 – 1949Republican
Llewelyn Sherman Adams1949 – 1953
Hugh Gregg1953 – 1955Republican
Lane Dwinell1955 – 1959Republican
Wesley Powell1959 – 1963Republican
John William King1963 – 1969Democratic
Walter Peterson1969 – 1973Republican
Meldrim Thomson1973 – 1979Republican
Hugh J. Gallen1979 – 1982Democratic
Vesta M. Roy1982 – 1983Republican
John H. Sununu1983 – 1989Republican
Judd Gregg1989 – 1993Republican
Stephen Merrill1993 – 1997Republican
Jeanne Shaheen1997 – 2003Democratic
Craig Benson2003 – 2005Republican
John Lynch2005 – 2013Democratic
Maggie Hassan2013 – 2017Democratic
Chuck Morse2017 – 2017Republican
Chris Sununu2017Republican

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