Pigott family: History, wealth, Net worth & more

The Pigott family has remained of the wealthiest families in the United States of America for many decades. With huge investment in manufacturing through PACCAR Inc, the family’s net worth is over $10 billion. Mark Pigott is currently head of the family major company.

Place of Origin:Ireland
Known for:Truck manufacturing
Most notable family members:William Pigott, Paul Pigott, Charles M. Pigott, Mark Pigott
Net worth:$10.1 Billion

Piggot Family History

The Piggot family in the United States migrated from Ireland. William Pigott spearheaded the growth of the family in the United States.

His parents were Irish immigrants and gave birth to William in New York City in 1860 before moving to Hubbard, Ohio.

He worked as a salesman in a local mill. He frequently traveled the country and learned the business. His first major business failed. He would later try again and succeed.

At the time of his death, he had become very wealthy. He willed his fortune to his wife and two sons namely Paul Piggot and Willams Piggot Jnr.

Before his death, he was made a Knight Commander of the Order of the Knights of St. Gregorynight Commander by Pope Pius XI. At Seattle University, the William Pigott Building is a major symbol of remeberance.

Piggot family Business and Wealth

In 1905, William Piggot founded a company known as Seattle Car Manufacturing Company in West Seattle, Washington. The company originally made logging equipment and trucks.

However, in 1917, Seattle Car Manufacturing Company merged with Twohy Brothers, a company in Oregon, and was renamed Pacific Car and Foundry Company.

With the merger came expansion into the manufacturing of rail cars. However, in 1924, the company was sold to American Car and Foundry.

By 1934, Paul Pigott, one of the two heirs of William Piggot bought back the company where he served as Chairman until his death.

In 1965, Charles Pigot, Paul Piggot’s son and William Piggot’s grandson became the president of the company and would later be addressed as Chairman/CEO.

By 1971, the company changed its name to PACCAR.

In 1997, Mark Pigott, Charles Piggot’s son, Paul Piggot’s grandson, and William Piggot’s great-grandson took over as the Chairman/CEO. As of 2021, he remains the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of PACCAR, Inc, after stepping down as CEO in 2013.

Piggot family Net worth

The family is one of the richest families in the United States of America. As of 2020, Forbes listed them at number 36 of the richest families in the United States of America with a net worth of $10.1 Billion.


The Piggot family originated from Ireland. The parents of William Piggot migrated to the United States.

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