Richest families in the United States by Net Worth (2024)

The United States of America has more billionaires than any other nation on earth. But what of wealth in the family?

Here is a ranking of the richest families in the United States of America by net worth. You will also see their main source of wealth.

The data for this ranking is from Forbes.

RankFamily nameNet worthSource of wealth
1Walton family$247 billionWalmart
2Koch family$100 billiondiversified
3Mars family$94 billioncandy
4Cargill-MacMillan family$47 billionCargill Inc.
5Lauder family$40 billionEstee Lauder
6S.C. Johnson family$37 billioncleaning products
7(Edward) Johnson family$36 billionmoney management
8Cox family$34.5 billionmedia
9Pritzker family
$32.5 billion

hotels, investments
10Newhouse family$30 billionmagazines, newspapers
11Duncan family$22 billion
12Hearst family$21 billionHearst Corp.
13Brown family$20.4 billionliquor
14Marshall family
$18.5 billion

15Butt family$17.8 billion
16Busch family
$17.6 billion
17Du Pont family
$16 billion
18Hunt family$15.5 billion
19Dorrance family$15 billionCampbell Soup Co.
19*Ziff family$15 bllionpublishing
21Cathy family$14.2  billion
22Stryker family
$14 billion
medical equipment
23Goldman family$13.2 billion
real estate
24Rollins family
$13.1 billion
Orkin pest control
25Gallo family$12.4 billion
wine, liquor
26Reyes family
$12 billion
food & beer distrubution
27Kohler family$11.7  billionplumbing products, sinks
28Mellon family$11.5 billion
29Smith family$11.3 billiontools, banking
30Bass family$10.8 billionoil, investments
30**Sackler family$10.8 billionpain medicines
32Johnson family$10.7Johnson & Johnson
33Marriott family$10.4 billion
34Crown family$10.2 billion
34***Hughes family$10.2 billionPublic Storage Inc.
36Pigott family$10.1 billion
37Shoen family$9 billionU-Haul
38Don & Doris) Fisher family$8.9 billionThe Gap
39Jenkins family$8.8 billionPublix Super Markets
40Chao family$8.6 billion
40****(Charles & Rupert) Johnson family
$8.6 billion
mutual fund
40*****Phipps family$8.6 billionCarnegie Steel, Bessemer Trust
43Rockefeller family$8.4 billionoil
43******E. W. Scripps family$8.4 billionnewspapers
45Bechtel family
$8.3 billion
construction, engineering
46Gore family$8.2 billionGore-Tex
$8.1 billion

real estate
48Taylor family$7.8 billion
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
49Simplot family$7.7 billionagribusiness
50Barbey family$7.3 billion
textiles, apparel

* There is no number twenty because 19 is a tie

** There is no 31 because number 30 is a tie

*** There is no 35 because number 30 is a tie

**** There is no 41 because number 40 is a tie

***** There is no 43 because number 40 is a three way tie

****** There is no 44 because number 43 is a tie

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