List of Maine governors from first to last

Maine joined the Union on March 15, 1820, as the 23rd state. This event was part of the Missouri Compromise, a significant legislative agreement in the United States Congress that aimed to maintain the balance of power between slave and free states. Maine’s admission as a free state was balanced by the admission of Missouri as a slave state in 1821.

William King became the first governor of the state of Maine on May 31, 1820.

Here is a chronological list of the governors of Maine from first to last.

Governor’s NameTime in OfficeParty
William King1820 – 1821Democratic-Republican
William Durkee Williamson1821 – 1821Democratic-Republican
Benjamin Ames1821 – 1822Democratic-Republican
Daniel Rose1822 – 1822Democratic-Republican
Albion Keith Parris1822 – 1827Democratic-Republican
Enoch Lincoln1827 – 1829Democratic-Republican
Nathan Cutler1829 – 1830Democratic-Republican
Joshua Hall1830 – 1830National-Republican
Jonathan Glidden Hunton1830 – 1831National-Republican
Samuel Emerson Smith1831 – 1834Democratic-Republican
Robert Pinckney Dunlap1834 – 1838Democratic
Richard H. Vose1841 – 1841Whig
Edward Kent1841 – 1842
1838 – 1839
John Fairfield1842 – 1843
1839 – 1841
Edward Kavanagh1843 – 1844Democratic
David Dunn1844 – 1844Democratic
Hugh Johnson Anderson1844 – 1847Democratic
John Winchester Dana1847 – 1850
1844 – 1844
John Hubbard1850 – 1853Democratic
William George Crosby1853 – 1855Whig
Anson Peaslee Morrill1855 – 1856Republican
Samuel Wells1856 – 1857Democratic
Hannibal Hamlin1857 – 1857Republican
Joseph Hartwell Williams1857 – 1858Republican
Lot Myrick Morrill1858 – 1861Republican
Israel Washburn, Jr.1861 – 1863Republican
Abner Coburn1863 – 1864Republican
Samuel Cony1864 – 1867Republican
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain1867 – 1871Republican
Sidney Perham1871 – 1874Republican
Nelson Dingley1874 – 1876Republican
Seldon Connor1876 – 1879Republican
Alonzo Garcelon1879 – 1880Democratic
Daniel Franklin Davis1880 – 1881Republican
Harris Merrill Plaisted1881 – 1883Greenback
Frederick Robie1883 – 1887Republican
Joseph Robinson Bodwell1887 – 1887Republican
Sebastian Streeter Marble1887 – 1889Republican
Edwin Chick Burleigh1889 – 1893Republican
Henry B. Cleaves1893 – 1897Republican
Llewellyn Powers1897 – 1901Republican
John Fremont Hill1901 – 1905Republican
William Titcomb Cobb1905 – 1909Republican
Bert Manfred Fernald1909 – 1911Republican
Frederick William Plaisted1911 – 1913Democratic
William Thomas Haines1913 – 1915Republican
Oakley Chester Curtis1915 – 1917Democratic
Carl Elias Milliken1917 – 1921Republican
Frederic Hale Parkhurst1921 – 1921Republican
Percival Proctor Baxter1921 – 1925Republican
Ralph Owen Brewster1925 – 1929Republican
William Tudor Gardiner1929 – 1933Republican
Louis Jefferson Brann1933 – 1937Democratic
Lewis Orin Barrows1937 – 1941Republican
Sumner Sewall1941 – 1945Republican
Horace Augustus Hildreth1945 – 1949Republican
Frederick George Payne1949 – 1952Republican
Burton Melvin Cross1953 – 1955Republican
Edmund Sixtus Muskie1955 – 1959Democratic
Robert N. Haskell1959 – 1959Republican
Clinton Amos Clauson1959 – 1959Democratic
John Hathaway Reed1959 – 1967Republican
Kenneth Merwin Curtis1967 – 1975Democratic
James Bernard Longley1975 – 1979Independent
Joseph Edward Brennan1979 – 1987Democratic
John Rettie McKernan1987 – 1995Republican
Angus S. King1995 – 2003Independent
John E. Baldacci2003 – 2011Democratic
Paul LePage2011 – 2019Republican
Janet Mills2019 – Democratic

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