List of Nebraska governors from first to last

Nebraska joined the Union on March 1, 1867. It became the 37th state to be admitted to the United States. Known as the “Cornhusker State,” Nebraska is a powerhouse of agriculture, significantly contributing to the nation’s corn, beef, pork, and soybean production. The state’s fertile soil and vast farmlands make it a critical player in the U.S. agricultural sector.

David Butler became the first governor of the state of Nebraska on March 27, 1867.

Here is a chronological list of the governors of Nebraska from First to last.

NameTime in OfficeParty
David Butler1867 – 1871Republican
William Hartford James1871 – 1873Republican
Robert Wilkinson Furnas1873 – 1875Republican
Silas Garber1875 – 1879Republican
Albinus Nance1879 – 1883Republican
James William Dawes1883 – 1887Republican
John Milton Thayer1887 – 1892Republican
James E. Boyd1892 – 1893Democratic
Lorenzo Crounse1893 – 1895Republican
Silas Alexander Holcomb1895 – 1899Populist
William Amos Poynter1899 – 1901Populist
Charles Henry Dietrich1901Republican
Ezra Perin Savage1901 – 1903Republican
John Hopwood Mickey1903 – 1907Republican
George Lawson Sheldon1907 – 1909Republican
Ashton Cockayne Shallenberger1909 – 1911Democratic
Chester Hardy Aldrich1911 – 1913Republican
John Henry Morehead1913 – 1917Democratic
Keith M. Neville1917 – 1919Democratic
Samuel Roy McKelvie1919 – 1923Republican
Adam McMullen1925 – 1929Republican
Arthur J. Weaver1929 – 1931Republican
Charles Wayland Bryan1923 – 1925, 1931 – 1935Democratic
Robert Leroy (Roy) Cochran1935 – 1941Democratic
Dwight Palmer Griswold1941 – 1947Republican
Frederick Valdemar Erastus (Val) Peterson1947 – 1953Republican
Robert Berkey Crosby1953 – 1955Republican
Victor Emanuel Anderson1955 – 1959Republican
Ralph Gilmour Brooks1959 – 1960Democratic
Dwight Willard Burney1960 – 1961Republican
Frank Brenner Morrison1961 – 1967Democratic
Norbert T. Tiemann1967 – 1971Republican
John James Exon1971 – 1979Democratic
Charles Thone1979 – 1983Republican
Joseph Robert (Bob) Kerrey1983 – 1987Democratic
Kay A. Orr1987 – 1991Republican
E. Benjamin Nelson1991 – 1999Democratic
Mike Johanns1999 – 2005Republican
Dave Heineman2005 – 2015Republican
Pete Ricketts2015 – 2019, 2019 – 2023Republican
Jim Pillen2023 – Republican

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