List of Connecticut governors from first to last

Connecticut joined the Union on January 9, 1788, becoming the fifth state to do so. This was after the ratification of the United States Constitution, which officially established the United States of America under its current system of government. Connecticut’s ratification of the Constitution was a pivotal moment in the early history of the United States, contributing to the establishment of a stronger federal government in contrast to the looser confederation of states that existed under the Articles of Confederation.

Here is a chronological list of former governors of Connecticut down to the current.

Governor’s NameTime in OfficeParty
Samuel Huntington1786 – 1796Federalist
Oliver Wolcott Sr.1796 – 1797Federalist
Jonathan Trumbull, Jr.1797 – 1809Federalist
Jonathan Trumbull1797 – 1809Federalist
John Treadwell1809 – 1811Federalist
Roger Griswold1811 – 1812Federalist
John Cotton Smith1812 – 1817Federalist
Oliver Wolcott Jr.1817 – 1827Jeffersonian-Republican
Gideon Tomlinson1827 – 1831Jeffersonian-Republican
John Samuel Peters1831 – 1833National – Republican
Samuel Augustus Foot(e)1834 – 1835Whig
Henry Waggaman Edwards1833 – 1834, 1835 – 1838Democrat
William Wolcott Ellsworth1838 – 1842Whig
Chauncey Fitch Cleveland1842 – 1844Democrat
Roger Sherman Baldwin1844 – 1846Whig
Isaac Toucey1846 – 1847Democrat
Clark Bissell1847 – 1849Whig
Joseph Trumbull1849 – 1850Whig
Thomas H. Seymour1850 – 1853Democrat
Charles Hobby Pond1853 – 1854Democrat
Henry Dutton1854 – 1855Whig
William Thomas Minor1855 – 1857American
Alexander Hamilton Holley1857 – 1858Whig
William Alfred Buckingham1858 – 1866Republican
Joseph Roswell Hawley1866 – 1867Republican
James Edward English1867 – 1869, 1870 – 1871Democrat
Marshall Jewell1869 – 1870, 1871 – 1873Republican
Charles Robert Ingersoll1873 – 1877Democrat
Richard Dudley Hubbard1877 – 1879Democrat
Charles Bartlett Andrews1879 – 1881Republican
Hobart Baldwin Bigelow1881 – 1883Republican
Thomas MacDonald Waller1883 – 1885Democrat
Henry Baldwin Harrison1885 – 1887Republican
Phineas Chapman Lounsbury1887 – 1889Republican
Morgan Gardner Bulkeley1889 – 1893Republican
Luzon Burritt Morris1893 – 1895Democrat
Owen Vincent Coffin1895 – 1897Republican
Lorrin Alamson Cooke1897 – 1899Republican
George Edward Lounsbury1899 – 1901Republican
George Payne McLean1901 – 1903Republican
Abiram Chamberlain1903 – 1905Republican
Henry Roberts1905 – 1907Republican
Rollin Simmons Woodruff1907 – 1909Republican
George Leavens Lilley1909 – 1909Republican
Frank Bentley Weeks1909 – 1911Republican
Simeon Eben Baldwin1911 – 1915Democrat
Marcus Hensey Holcomb1915 – 1921Republican
Everett John Lake1921 – 1923Republican
Charles Augustus Templeton1923 – 1925Republican
Hiram Bingham1925 – 1925Republican
John Harper Trumbull1925 – 1931Republican
Wilbur Lucius Cross1931 – 1939Democrat
Raymond Early Baldwin1939 – 1941Republican
Robert Augustine Hurley1941 – 1943Democrat
Charles Wilbert Snow1946 – 1947Democrat
James Lukens McConaughy1947 – 1948Republican
James Coughlin Shannon1948 – 1949Republican
Chester Bliss Bowles1949 – 1951Democrat
John Davis Lodge1951 – 1955Republican
Abraham Alexander Ribicoff1955 – 1961Democrat
John Dempsey1961 – 1971Democrat
Thomas J. Meskill1971 – 1975Republican
Ella T. Grasso1975 – 1980Democrat
William A. O’Neill1980 – 1991Democrat
Lowell P. Weicker1991 – 1995Independent
John G. Rowland1995 – 2004Republican
M. Jodi Rell2004 – 2011Republican
Dannel Malloy2011 – 2015, 2015 – 2019Democrat
Ned Lamont2019 – Democrat

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