Why are businesses open on holidays if America is supposed to be a free country?

There’s a common misconception that businesses in the United States are required to be open on holidays. This isn’t actually the case – businesses are free to choose their own hours, and many of them choose to stay closed on major holidays.

So why do some businesses stay open on holidays? There are a few reasons. For one, some people may need to work on holidays in order to keep the business running. For another, some people may want to take advantage of holiday sales or special deals. Finally, some people may just enjoy going out and doing things on holidays even if there aren’t any special deals available.

No matter your reason for wanting or not wanting businesses to be open on holidays, it’s important to remember that they’re not required by law to do so – and that’s a good thing! America is supposed to be a free country, and that includes freedom for businesses owners too.

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