Top Venture Capital Firms in the United States (2024)

Here’s a list of top venture capital firms in the United States based on recent data. This selection includes firms known for significant assets under management (AUM), active investments in various sectors, and notable exits, showcasing a mix of both well-established and emerging players in the venture capital landscape:

  1. Andreessen Horowitz
    • Notable for investments in tech ventures including Pinterest, Airbnb, and PagerDuty. Renowned for backing disruptive technologies.
    • AUM: Not explicitly listed, but known for substantial influence in the tech sector.
  2. Legend Capital
    • Focuses on tech and healthcare, with notable exits including Lunit, Wish, and Bionano Genomics.
    • AUM: Approx. $48.141 billion.
  3. New Enterprise Associates (NEA)
    • Specializes in technology and healthcare, with exits such as Snap, Duolingo, and Cloudflare.
    • AUM: $25.911 billion.
  4. Lightspeed Venture Partners
    • Invests across enterprise, health, fintech, and consumer sectors with exits including Snap, Aurora, and Blend.
    • AUM: $25 billion.
  5. Dragoneer Investment Group
    • Focuses on software, FinTech, and e-commerce, with notable exits including Rivian, Redfin, and Spotify.
    • AUM: $21.729 billion.
  6. TCV (Technology Crossover Ventures)
    • Specializes in public and private growth-stage companies in the technology sector, with exits like Netflix, Spotify, and Airbnb.
    • AUM: $19.88 billion.
  7. Bessemer Venture Partners
    • Focuses on software, IT, and SaaS, with notable exits including Pinterest, PagerDuty, and Procore.
    • AUM: $19.661 billion.
  8. Accel
    • Early-stage investments in diverse sectors such as SaaS, IT, and business services, with exits including Spotify, Atlassian, and PagerDuty.
    • AUM: $19.1 billion.
  9. OrbiMed
    • Focuses on biotechnology, healthcare, and pharmaceutical sectors, with notable exits including Health Catalyst, Augmedix, and Guardant Health.
    • AUM: $18.277 billion.
  10. Battery Ventures
    • Specializes in technology and software companies, with exits including Wayfair, Clearbit, and Groupon.
    • AUM: $16.840 billion.
  11. Deerfield Management Company
    • Specializes in healthcare investments, with notable exits including Talkspace, Nuvalent, and Schrödinger.
    • AUM: $15.06 billion.
  12. RA Capital Management
    • Focuses on biotechnology, healthcare, and therapeutics, with notable exits including Bristol Myers Squibb, Moderna, and Cybin.
    • AUM: $9.65 billion.
  13. Sequoia Capital
    • Renowned for investments in technology and consumer sectors, Sequoia Capital has backed companies like Apple, Google, and WhatsApp.
    • Not listed in the provided sources, but widely recognized for its significant impact on the tech ecosystem.
  14. Founders Fund
    • Known for its early investment in SpaceX, Facebook, and Palantir, focusing on revolutionary technologies and businesses.
    • Also not listed in the provided sources, but a key player in the venture capital world.
  15. Khosla Ventures
    • Invests in environmentally friendly tech, health tech, biotech, and more, with investments in Eligo Bioscience, Recraft, and Charm Therapeutics.
    • Highlighted for its focus on sustainability and innovation in technology​​.
  16. GV (formerly Google Ventures)
    • Supports innovative companies across AI, AR/VR, health tech, and more, with investments in, Synthesia, and Nothing.
    • Known for its wide-ranging support for startups leveraging Google’s resources and expertise​​.
  17. Union Square Ventures
    • Focuses on early-stage, growth-capital, and startup financing, investing in sectors like energy, climate tech, mobile, and more.
    • Investments include m3ter, Super Payments, and CarbonChain​​.
  18. L Catterton
    • A consumer-focused investment firm, investing in ecommerce, foodtech, mobile, and more, with investments in Butternut Box, Cazoo, and Freetrade.
    • Known for targeting major consumer segments​​.
  19. Insight Venture Partners
    • A private equity firm that invests in growth-stage technology and software companies, with investments in Hivebrite, Sylvera, and Pollinate.
    • Focuses on fintech, business intelligence, and developer tools​​.
  20. EQT Ventures
    • Provides capital and support to ambitious founders, investing in fintech, mobile, ecommerce, and more, with investments in 1X, Volt, and Nothing.
    • Known for a broad investment strategy across multiple industries.

These firms have been instrumental in funding and supporting startups across various stages of growth, from seed to late-stage investments, across a wide range of industries including technology, healthcare, fintech, and more. They are recognized for their substantial assets under management, the breadth of their investment portfolio, and their ability to successfully exit investments, thus driving innovation and growth within the startup ecosystem.

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