Malia Ann Obama: Bio, Age, Family, Career And Net Worth

NameMalia Ann Obama
Date of birthJuly 4, 1998
Place of birthChicago, United States
SchoolHarvard University
InterestsTelevision and filmmaking
ParentsBarack Obama and Michelle Obama
Net worth$300,000 (2021 estimate)

Who Is Malia Ann Obama?

Malia Obama is the first-born daughter of the former United States President; Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

Malia Ann Obama was born into this world in 1998. This was in Chicago in the US. She joined the White House after Barack Obama was elected into office in 2008.

She attended the Sidwell Friends School together with her younger sister, Sasha Obama. In 2017, she gained admission into Harvard University, with her main interest in television and filmmaking.

Early Life

On July 4, 1998, Malia Ann Obama was born at the University of Chicago Medical Center, United States.

As of then, Barack Obama (her father) was a Professor of law and also a State Senator in Illinois. Malia’s mother, Michelle Obama was an associate dean of student services at the University of Chicago.

Malia Ann Obama grew up in Hyde Park, a middle-class neighbourhood. She was once diagnosed with asthma, but she overcame it and was able to enjoy life like every other healthy child.


After graduating from the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, she enrolled in the Sidwell Friends School in Washington, District of Columbia. This was in 2009. She completed her education at Sidwell Friends in June 2016.

In 2017, Malia Obama enrolled at Harvard University. She later won a Thomas Temple Hoopes Prize for great undergraduate work and excellence in the art of teaching. She completed her education at Harvard University in 2021.

An announcement in February 2021 made it known that she is now a team member in the writers’ room of a series created by Donald Glover. This series is about a Beyonce-Esque pop star named Hive.

Shortly after this, it was also made known that Malia Ann Obama will be portrayed by Lexi Underwood, an actress in a series entitled “The First Lady”.

Net Worth

As of December 2021, Malia Ann Obama is said to have an estimated net worth of about $300,000.

The main source of her wealth came from her internship as a movie producer and also being a TV star.

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