List of California governors from first to last

Peter Burnett became the first elected governor of Califonia on December 20, 1849. This was about one year after California was admitted into the Union as the 31st state.

Califonia is a very significant state politically and economically.

Here is a chronological list of the governors of California from First to last.

1Peter Burnett1849-1851Democrat
2John McDougal1851-1852Democrat
3John Bigler1852-1856Democrat
4J. Neely Johnson1856-1858American
5John B. Weller1858-1860Democrat
6Milton Latham1860Democrat
7John G. Downey1860-1861Democrat
8Leland Stanford1861-1862Republican
9Frederick F. Low1862-1863Union
10Henry H. Haight1867-1871Unionist, Democrat
11Newton Booth1871-1875Republican
12Romualdo Pacheco1875Republican
13William Irwin1875-1880Democrat
14George C. Perkins1880-1883Republican
15George Stoneman1883-1887Democrat
16Washington Bartlett1887Democrat
17Robert W. Waterman1887-1891Republican
18Henry H. Markham1891-1895Republican
19James H. Budd1895-1899Democrat
20Henry T. Gage1899-1903Republican
21George C. Pardee1903-1907Republican, Progressive
22James N. Gillett1907-1911Republican
23Hiram W. Johnson1911-1917Republican, Progressive
24William D. Stephens1917-1923Republican
25Friend W. Richardson1923-1927Republican
26Clement C. Young1927-1931Republican
27James Rolph Jr.1931-1934Republican
28Frank F. Merriam1934-1939Republican
29Culbert L. Olson1939-1943Democrat
30Earl Warren1943-1953Republican
31Goodwin J. Knight1953-1959Republican
32Edmund G. “Pat” Brown Sr.1959-1967Democrat
33Ronald Reagan1967-1975Republican
34Jerry Brown1975-1983Democrat
35George Deukmejian1983-1991Republican
36Pete Wilson1991-1999Republican
37Gray Davis1999-2003Democrat
38Arnold Schwarzenegger2003-2011Republican
39Jerry Brown2011-2019Democrat
40Gavin Newsom2019-PresentDemocrat

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