List of all Colorado Secretaries of State

The secretary of State of Colorado is the head of the Colorado Department of State. It is one of the most important government positions in the state of Colorado.

William Clark was the first secretary of State of Colorado in 1876 and finished his term in 1879.

Here is a chronological list of all secretaries of State of Colorado.

1William Clark1876–1879Republican 
2Norman H. Meldrum1879–1883Republican
3Melvin Edwards1883–1887Republican
4James Rice1887–1891Republican
5Edward J. Eaton1891–1893Republican
6Nelson O. McCless1893–1895Populist
7Albert B. McGaffey1895–1897Republican
8Charles H.S. Whipple1897–1899Democratic
9Elmer F. Beckwith1899–1901Democratic
10David A. Mills1901–1903Democratic
11James Cowie1903–1907Republican
12Timothy O’Connor1907–1909Republican
13James B. Pearce1909–1915Democratic
14John E. Ramer1915–1917Republican
15James R. Noland1917–1921Democratic
16Carl Milliken1921–1927Republican
17Charles Armstrong1927–1935Republican
18James Carr1935–1935Democratic
19George Saunders1935–1941Democratic
20Walter Morrison1941–1949Republican
21George Baker1949–1953Democratic
22Homer Bruce1953–1955Republican
23George Baker1955–1963Democratic
24Bryon A. Anderson1963–1974Republican
25Mary Estill Buchanan1974–1983Republican
26Natalie Meyer1983–1995Republican
27Victoria Buckley1995–1999Republican
28Donetta Davidson1999–2005Republican
29Gigi Dennis2005–2007Republican
30Mike Coffman2007–2009Republican
31Bernie Buescher2009–2011Democratic
32Scott Gessler2011–2015Republican
33Wayne W. Williams2015–2019Republican
34Jena Griswold2019–presentDemocratic

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