Kody Brown: Bio, Age, Family, Career And Net Worth

NameKody Wynn Brown
Date of birth16th June 1969
Place of birthWyoming, United States
Family4 wives and 18 children (15 biological, 3 adopted)
OccupationReality TV star and Salesperson
Net Worth$800,000 (2021 estimate)

Who Is Kody Brown?

Kody Wynn Brown is an American television personality and a former advertising salesman.

He is famous internationally for his role in his family reality show ‘Sister Wives’ on TLC. The reality series features his four wives and eighteen children.

Early Life

Kody Wynn Brown was born on January 17, 1969. He hails from Lovell, Wyoming, United States. His father’s name is William Winn Brown. His mother’s name is Genielle Brown. Kody’s father was also a polygamist.


One interesting thing about Kody Brown is his polygamous family. He has 9 siblings, 4 wives and 18 children.

Kody Wynn Brown’s Brothers And Sisters

Kody Brown’s siblings are:

  1. Leah Nicole Lundquist.
  2. Christine King.
  3. Cindy Hansen.
  4. Tricia Lee Garner.
  5. Lorilyn Beck.
  6. Curtis Taylor Brown.
  7. William Michael Brown.
  8. Scott Allan Brown.
  9. Travis Merrill Brown.

First Wife, Meri And Children

Kody Brown legally married Meri Barber on April 21, 1990. They had a daughter, whose name is Mariah. She is yet to have another child.

Kody and Meri were legally married until September 2014. Kody Brown had to divorce Meri so that he could legally marry his fourth wife, Robyn. By doing that, he was eligible to adopt her children (from her previous marriage). 

Meri and Kody are still spiritually married.

Second Wife, Janelle And Children

Kody met Janelle Schriever through his first wife, Meri. They were friends first before they finally got married. They were spiritually married on January 20, 1993.

They have six children together. Two daughters; Madison and Savanah with 4 sons; Logan, Hunter, Garrison and Gabriel.

Third Wife, Christine And Children

Kody Wynn Brown and Christine Allred were spiritually married on March 25, 1994.

They have six children together. A son named Paedon and 5 daughters; Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, Ysabel and Truely.

On November 2, 2021, both couples made it known that they are now separated.

Fourth Wife, Robyn And Children

Kody got to know Robyn Sullivan at church in 2009. Robyn was a divorced mother with three children.  They got spiritually on May 22, 2010.

They have two children together. A son named Solomon and a daughter called Ariella.

Kody legally married Robyn in December 2014. He had to divorce his first wife Meri, to legally marry Robyn. That makes him eligible to adopt his stepchildren; Dayton (son) and Aurora and Breanna (daughters).


Kody Wynn Brown is famous for the reality TV show “Sister Wives“. He featured himself, his wives and 18 children. As of that time in 2010, polygamy was the most argued topic in the United States.

Before the TV show, he worked in internet advertising sales. A news article also mentioned him acquiring a now-defunct programming company. The company was then known as Bricksoft.

Kody Wynn Brown: Net Worth

Kody Wynn Brown has an estimated net worth of $800,000 as of 2021.

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