Biggest microfinance companies in the U.S. by loans disbursed (2024)

Microfinance companies specifically provide banking services to low-income individuals or businesses. The provides low-interest loans and other financial packages.

Here are the largest microfinance companies in the United States of America determined by loan disbursed.

The source for the data on this list is Insider Monkey.

RankNameLoans disbursed
1Pacific Community Ventures$25 Billion
2CDC Small Business Finance Corp$20.7 Billion
3BRAC USA$2.3 Billion
4Grameen America Inc.$1.75 Billion
5Kiva Microfunds$1.4 Billion
6Accion$500 Million
7Opportunity Fund$440 Million
8LiftFund$360 Million
9DreamSpring$210 Million
10Main Street Launch$63.6 Million
11Accompany Capital$34 Million
12FINCA$18 Million
13Justine PETERSEN$7.5 Million

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