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Top 12 Robert Duff Quotes

#1. Breathe in for 4 counts (you can count faster or slower depending on comfort), hold that breath for 7, and then release for 8. – Author: Robert Duff

#2. You have this high level of kinetic energy inside you, and sometimes it feels like you can”t stop the hamster from running at full speed and it just won’t fall off the wheel even though it’s so tired that it could die. – Author: Robert Duff

#3. This negative self-talk is something you probably aren’t even aware of, but it eats away at you bit by bit and erodes that self-confidence you need to tackle your anxiety. – Author: Robert Duff

#4. Another way you can be nicer to yourself is by replacing some of that asshole language that you use toward yourself in your head. – Author: Robert Duff

#5. People don’t die from panic attacks. It just doesn’t happen. You’re body is a dick, but it’s not going to let you self-destruct like that. Even though the emotional pain and physical discomfort may be quite unbearable, anxiety will not physically hurt you. – Author: Robert Duff

#6. The last time you were freaking the hell out due to anxiety and you were in the presence of someone else who told you, “Breathe. Just breathe,” you probably felt like punching them in the face, right? That’s because you suck at breathing. Let me teach you how to suck less. The – Author: Robert Duff

#7. When you are feeling great, you probably don’t think too much about your depression or the work that you need to do, because you want to relish that feeling of being somewhat normal again right? Well, – Author: Robert Duff

#8. You might even webMD yourself (never webMD yourself) – Author: Robert Duff

#9. You need to set yourself up for success, too. You need to invest in yourself. You need to stop being a butthead and sabotaging yourself. – Author: Robert Duff

#10. That whole saying of “fake it ’til you make it” actually has a lot of validity. Your jerk of a brain is so used to not having motivation and so used to not deriving pleasure from fun – Author: Robert Duff

#11. There is a piece of you that is still fighting this and I want to add a spark to that little ember and help you create a roaring fire of depression slaying badassery. You may feel numb and zombie-like, but you have not given up. We are still in this, friend. Let’s get you back on track. In – Author: Robert Duff

#12. I’m allowed to male mistakes
I’m allowed to feel good sometimes
Anxiety is my bitch
I don’t like these feelings, but they won’t hurt me
I’m going to be alright – Author: Robert Duff