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Top 100 Nina LaCour Quotes

#1. The best things aren’t perfectly constructed. They aren’t illusions. they aren’t larger than life. They are life. – Author: Nina LaCour

#2. I always knew what I wanted to do, I just didn’t know I could do it. – Author: Nina LaCour

#3. All the things we could be doing now if she weren’t busy wondering if the world holds better things for her than me. – Author: Nina LaCour

#4. Each time a breeze starts, I feel the air all the way through me. – Author: Nina LaCour

#5. She leans over our table and turns the sign in the window so that it says CLOSED on the outside. But on our side, perfectly positioned between Mabel’s place and mine, it says OPEN. If this were a short story, it would mean something. – Author: Nina LaCour

#6. As much as I had wanted a love story out of a movie, I know now that movies can only hope to to capture this kind of love. – Author: Nina LaCour

#7. Maybe it doesn’t matter, maybe if we all force ourselves to act like we’re okay even if we’re not, eventually things will get better. – Author: Nina LaCour

#8. I could keep going forever, listing all my flaws in order from the most innocuous to the least. I am afraid of spiders … I fall in love too easily … I have fierce spells of self-doubt. – Author: Nina LaCour

#9. Music is a powerful way for people to express themselves – Author: Nina LaCour

#10. I wonder if there’s a secret current that connects people who have lost something. Not in the way that everyone loses something, but in the way that undoes your life, undoes your self, so that when you look at your face it isn’t yours anymore. – Author: Nina LaCour

#11. I don’t know if I still love her in the way I used to, but I still find her just as beautiful. – Author: Nina LaCour

#12. It’s a dark place, not knowing.
It’s difficult to surrender to.
But I guess it’s where we live most of the time. I guess it’s where we all live, so maybe it doesn’t have to be so lonely. Maybe I can settle into it, cozy up to it, make a home inside uncertainty. – Author: Nina LaCour

#13. We felt so small with the city lights stretching forever below us, and we yelled at the top of our lungs because we were just these small humans but we felt more longing than could ever fit inside us. – Author: Nina LaCour

#14. They weren’t cheap and I was almost broke. It was a choice between dinner and flowers and I chose flowers because it was a dark time in my life and my room was hideous and my heart was broken and I needed something beautiful. – Author: Nina LaCour

#15. I could say the night felt magical, but that would be embellishment.
That would be romanticization.
What it actually felt like was life. – Author: Nina LaCour

#16. Crushes are supposed to be fun, aren’t they? They definitely aren’t supposed to be so torturous. – Author: Nina LaCour

#17. We take a last look out of the window at the night, and I send a silent wish to everyone out there for this kind of warmth. – Author: Nina LaCour

#18. I leaned over the sink, closer to my reflection, and stare at myself hard. I don’t know what I see. I don’t even know what I want to see. – Author: Nina LaCour

#19. When you really want to find someone, it isn’t that hard. I should have known all along that she wasn’t looking. I feel so stupid.
There’s nothing stupid about wanting to be loved. – Author: Nina LaCour

#20. There is an indescribable feeling that comes from being desperately in love with a song. – Author: Nina LaCour

#21. I wonder if we will become okay again. I hope for it. – Author: Nina LaCour

#22. Dignity is overrated. You know what trumps dignity? Kissing. – Author: Nina LaCour

#23. The sun stopped shining for me is all. The whole story is: I am sad. I am sad all the time and the sadness is so heavy that I can’t get away from it. Not ever. – Author: Nina LaCour

#24. I remember thinking that I looked like the kind of person I would want to know if I just happened to meet myself. – Author: Nina LaCour

#25. You’re never going to be ready”…”Don’t you see that? You have to forget about ready. If you don’t, you’re always going to run away – Author: Nina LaCour

#26. My mom says Ingrid’s name and I start to hum, not the melody to a song, just one drawn-out note. I know it makes me seem crazy, I know it won’t make anything change, but it’s better than crying, it’s better than screaming, it’s better than listening to what they’re telling me. – Author: Nina LaCour

#27. my life is just waiting for you to get started. – Author: Nina LaCour

#28. He is Romeo, and he is heartbroken. Every word is wistful. When he says, ‘O, teach me how I should forget to think!’ I, for the first time, see what the big deal is about Shakespeare. – Author: Nina LaCour

#29. It’s about what I know is true. Because I’m looking at this bright red storm of color on a canvas, at all my delicate lines and passionate brushstrokes. I’m looking at something so urgent and true, so far beyond what I thought I was capable of making. – Author: Nina LaCour

#30. Empathy is wonderful, but you can still overdose on it if you try too much to fast. – Author: Nina LaCour

#31. It isn’t the happy ending that Ingrid and I have dreamed up, but it’s all a part of what I’m working through. The way life changes. The way people and things disappear. Then appear, unexpectedly, and had you close – Author: Nina LaCour

#32. She lets go.
Touch me again, I want to tell her. But I don’t. – Author: Nina LaCour

#33. There’s nothing stupid about wanting to be loved. Believe me. – Author: Nina LaCour

#34. My room is so quiet and empty it hurts. – Author: Nina LaCour

#35. You can let them wreck you and allow the wrecking to feel good. – Author: Nina LaCour

#36. I was okay just a moment ago. I will learn how to be okay again. – Author: Nina LaCour

#37. I was so blinded by her talent that I didn’t recognize the tremendous pain behind her work. She gave me hundreds of images, so many chances to see that she was in trouble. I failed her. – Author: Nina LaCour

#38. We have photographed the trip we were supposed to have. The one where all any of us felt was happy, and the world was only beautiful, and all of the colors were the brightest versions of themselves. – Author: Nina LaCour

#39. I sleep through the next day. Each time I go to the bathroom, I try not to look in the mirror. Once, I catch my reflection: it looks like I’ve been punched in both eyes.
I can’t talk about the day that follows that. – Author: Nina LaCour

#40. We all get so afraid. We need to be brave. – Author: Nina LaCour

#41. I am nowhere close to finished but I’m the kind of busy that feels eternal, the kind where you can’t say I’ll be done in a few hours because the truth is you will never, ever, be done. – Author: Nina LaCour

#42. I can’t believe that we could be so impermanent – Author: Nina LaCour

#43. I’ve been waiting for this for so long
something new, life after high school. – Author: Nina LaCour

#44. He wipes tears off my face and then snot. He uses his hands. He loves me that much. – Author: Nina LaCour

#45. I know,” I say. “It sucks. Let’s go get tacos and sit on the beach. – Author: Nina LaCour

#46. I’ll be better, so I won’t want it to hurt anymore. – Author: Nina LaCour

#47. When the bell rings, and lunch is over, I decide to come back here tomorrow, and the next day. I tell myself it really isn’t that bad. – Author: Nina LaCour

#48. When you love someone, you are sure. You don’t need time to decide. You don’t say stop and start over and over, like you’re playing some kind of sport. You know the immensity of what you have and you protect it. – Author: Nina LaCour

#49. What I mean is don’t be a person who seeks out grief. There is enough of that in life. – Author: Nina LaCour

#50. There are so many things that I want so badly to tell you but I just can’t. – Author: Nina LaCour

#51. You get close to people. You get farther from them. You learn how much you love them, and then you say good-bye, believing that you will be together again, someday, when your lives curve back into one another’s. – Author: Nina LaCour

#52. But it turns out that even the fiercest denial can’t stop time. – Author: Nina LaCour

#53. I sort through the letters and pull out what I need for the beginning. They snap easily into place. And even though I thought I would need every letter, I finish the first sentence and realize that it’s all I have left to say.
I MISS YOU. – Author: Nina LaCour

#54. We were miraculous.
We were beach creatures.
We had treasures in our pockets and each other on our skin. – Author: Nina LaCour

#55. There are still Ava Maddoxes to find and sets to create and girls to kiss and colleges to attend. It’s possible that someday I will hear a patsy Cline song and the heartbreak will barely register. It will be some distant, buried feeling. I won’t remember how much it once hurt. – Author: Nina LaCour

#56. They say that’s what happens when you fall in love. You want to tell people things. You especially want to tell them sad things. Hidden sad things from the past. Something like: I was abandoned at a sweetshop in an unspecified European country. – Author: Nina LaCour

#57. I don’t want to hurt you or anybody so please forget about me. Just try. Find yourself a better friend. – Author: Nina LaCour

#58. This was me before I knew about anything hard, when my whole life was packed lunches and art projects and spelling quizzes. – Author: Nina LaCour

#59. I’m sorry I left without telling you,” she says. “I wasn’t ready. I wanted it so much, and I wasn’t ready for that. – Author: Nina LaCour

#60. In just a little while we will forget all the things we used to want and adjust to the lives that we’re given. – Author: Nina LaCour

#61. There used to be days that I thought I was okay, or at least that I was going to be. We’d be hanging out somewhere and everything would just fit right and I would think ‘it will be okay if it can just be like this forever’ but of course nothing can ever stay just how it is forever. – Author: Nina LaCour

#62. It isn’t the happy ending Ingrid and I had dreamed up, but it’s all a part of what I’m working through. The way life changes. The way people and things disappear. Then appear, unexpectedly, and hold you close. – Author: Nina LaCour

#63. Maybe we always were the people we imagined ourselves to be. – Author: Nina LaCour

#64. That’s what friends do: they notice things. They’re there for each other. They see what parents don’t. – Author: Nina LaCour

#65. It’s incredible,” she says, “how much damage everyone does to everybody else. – Author: Nina LaCour

#66. I think that people who make judgements about other people they don’t even know are shallow, and people who start rumors are shallow, and I really don’t care what shallow people say about me. – Author: Nina LaCour

#67. Whatever I decide, I might be making a mistake. But if I’m going to make a mistake I want it to be passionate – Author: Nina LaCour

#68. That girl she was trying to reach- she must have been running from something. She must have been someone special, for her friend to keep trying so hard. Too bad she was gone now. – Author: Nina LaCour

#69. How does your life move forward, when all you want to do is hold still. – Author: Nina LaCour

#70. You might be looking for reasons but there are no reasons. – Author: Nina LaCour

#71. Even if I couldn’t get into the dark places in her head, I would at least be there waiting on the outside. – Author: Nina LaCour

#72. This is how it works. You bust your ass. Not everything goes your way, and then, after a while, you get to that point. You get to make your own decisions and people look to you for approval on their work. – Author: Nina LaCour

#73. A terrible day,” Frank echoes.
“Yes,” Edie says, her gaze never leaving Ava’s face. “But look. You grew up anyway. – Author: Nina LaCour

#74. Dear today,
i spend all of you pretending i’m okay when i’m not, pretending i’m happy when i’m not, pretending about everything to everyone. – Author: Nina LaCour

#75. I am a girl ready to explode into nothing. – Author: Nina LaCour

#76. But it feels different because wanting someone is not the same as loving her, and now I understand that Morgan does not love me. – Author: Nina LaCour

#77. She was never something waiting to be solved. All she is – all she’s ever been – is a person trying to live a life. – Author: Nina LaCour

#78. I don’t know if any of this would have happened if we had been at home … Would we have crammed ourselves into the bathroom of a San Francisco restaurant to play her song? I doubt it. There’s something about distance, being removed from what’s familiar, that let’s things happen. – Author: Nina LaCour

#79. And then we get new homes that we make for ourselves. – Author: Nina LaCour

#80. I’ll make a swing so I can reach the places I can’t reach yet. – Author: Nina LaCour

#81. It was terrifying, the idea that we could fall asleep girls, minty breathed and nightgowned, and wake to find ourselves wolves. “I – Author: Nina LaCour

#82. We all want to be feel something, we want to be someone to one another. – Author: Nina LaCour

#83. Is it possible to get over a voice like this? Someday, I’d like to be able to hear her speak a sentence on the phone with out it making me want to hang up, get in my car, and drive as many miles as it takes to kiss her. – Author: Nina LaCour

#84. This is what I want so don’t be sad. – Author: Nina LaCour

#85. We were nostalgic for a time that wasn’t yet over. – Author: Nina LaCour

#86. Maybe there is no right thing to say. Maybe the right thing is just a myth, not really out there at all. – Author: Nina LaCour

#87. My best friend is dead, and I could have saved her. It’s so wrong so completely and painfully wrong, that I walked through my front door tonight smiling. – Author: Nina LaCour

#88. I kept wondering then – I’m still wondering now – if there was a time when she realizes that something was going wrong. Inside her, I mean. when she could feel herself slipping away, something new creeping in. If she could have stopped it, or if it just… happened. – Author: Nina LaCour

#89. I can’t think of enough expletives to perfectly capture this moment. – Author: Nina LaCour

#90. If things happen for a reason, I was meant to get fucked over. – Author: Nina LaCour

#91. The ocean is far below us, but the waves crash so loudly, sound close enough to drown us. – Author: Nina LaCour

#92. She won’t ask if I’m okay because she’ll already know that for us Are you okay? is an impossible question. – Author: Nina LaCour

#93. Don’t you want to kiss me?’ she asks.
She smiles just a little, a hopeful, sweet smile, but buried in it is that confidence that slays me. – Author: Nina LaCour

#94. I just want all my friends to be happy. And sometimes you have to do that one friend at a time. – Author: Nina LaCour

#95. Fame by association is the emptiest kind. – Author: Nina LaCour

#96. No,” I say. “I didn’t know that,” and as I say it I feel flooded with bitterness at all the things Ingrid kept secret from me. – Author: Nina LaCour

#97. I think that sometimes people want something so much that they manifest it. Or at least they try to. – Author: Nina LaCour

#98. And I think of how time passes so differently for different people. – Author: Nina LaCour

#99. I wonder what would happen if I stopped walking, if I let the crowd fill up the space between us. Would he notice? Would he wade back to find me? Or would he keep going, because forward is his destination and I am not? – Author: Nina LaCour

#100. Her suicide shook me deeply. It changed so much about how I view myself, the work I do with all of you. – Author: Nina LaCour